AIBI, Association Internationale de la Boulangerie Industrielle, is the major European association of plant bakeries. AIBI is formed of 17 national plant bakeries associations including Russia, Turkey and Ukraine and representing more than 2100 plant bakeries. It represents the interests of its member vis-à-vis the European institutions in Brussels and beyond. AIBI is coordinator of FLOURplus, responsible for the overall project management and reporting to EU’s Research Executive Agency.
Contact person: Susanne Döring




FEB, Fédération des Entreprises de Boulangerie, is a professional association that represents about 160 companies within the French bakery, pastry and confectionery industry. All member companies are active in manufacturing bread using various production and preservation techniques (pasteurized products, raw, fresh or frozen dough, slice, traditional or specialty baguette breads).
In FLOURplus, FEB assesses the needs of the French bakery sector, is involved in the selection process of flours and recipes for the bakery trials, and implements the dissemination activities among its members.
Contact person: Matthieu Labbé




Asemac was founded in 1990 as Spanish Association of Frozen Dough and expanded its scope to related sectors of the bakery, pastry and confectionery March 2012 and renamed to the Spanish Association of Bakery Industry, Cookies and Pastries. Asemac is a national sector professional organisation that is present in all the Autonomous Communities in Spain, with majority representativeness in the sector.
Asemac act as a very qualified link of the FLOURplus consortium to the Spanish bakery sector. The bimonthly technical meetings of the association are a privileged platform for sharing knowledge, assessing requirements, and planning validation, demonstration and training activities.
Contact person: Virginia Fernández




VDG, the German Federation of Bakers, represents the interests of the largest baking companies who manufacture sliced and wrapped bread, loaf bread, bakery snacks and other bread products, delivered both ways via supermarkets and bakery stores. Nearly 80 members are employing over 45,000 people supplying the majority of the national bread market. VDG supports many scientific activities for the benefit of bread.
Next to communicating efficiently end-user requirements, VGB has joined the consortium to provide advice to the R&D work, to identify exploitation potential amongst its members and to support the German roll-out of the results.
Contact person: Armin Juncker



Backhaus Häussler

Backhaus Häussler is a traditional German artisanal bakery. It is a regional acting family-owned enterprise in the fourth generation. Backhaus Häussler’s highest claim is to set focus on individual recipe, distinctive products and a high quality to inspire its customers. As a potential future user of the FLOURplus system, Backhaus Häussler is involved in the definition of the system specification as well as in the validation, demonstration and training activities.
Contact person: Hermann Häußler



TOP B.V. has extensive scientific and industrial knowledge on process development (hygienic design, factory layout, mechanical engineering), product design and innovation management for the food industry.
TOP brings a propriatary inline dough monitoring technology into the project, which will be further developed and integrated into the FLOURplus system.
Contact person: Wouter de Heij




ttz Bremerhaven is an independent organisation performing contract research in the field of food and environmental science. Under the lead of Prof. Klaus Lösche, an important emphasis of ttz’s activities is on bakery and cereal science, targeted at both processing and ingredients. Within FLOURplus, the main focus of ttz Bremerhaven is on flour analysis and sensory evaluation.
Contact person: Julien Huen




UCC has been the Irish centre for education and research in Food Science since 1929, and is now recognised as a major national resource for expertise in Food Science and Technology. Under the lead of Prof. Elke Arendt, research is conducted on cereal, malting and beverage processing. In the project, UCC mainly performs the development of the process calibrations, conducts investigations on the use of different yeast types and supports sensory preference mapping.
Contact person: Prof. Elke Arendt



Uni Bremen

Universität Bremen - Technologie-Zentrum Informatik und Informationstechnik TZI, the IT centre of Bremen University, is dedicated to research, development and technology transfer in the field of innovative computing technologies. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) research group is working on projects in different industry sectors, such as logistics, production, maintenance, service, sales, and medicine using knowledge-based methods for added value and productivity.
TZI will develop FLOURplus' backbone IT structure, and will implement the required modelling and prediction tools to assess the relationship between the analytical parameters of flour, the process parameters of bread-making, and the analytical and sensory attributes of the final baked goods.
Contact person: Prof. Stefan Edelkamp