On November 4th and 5th, the third technical meeting of FLOURplus was held in Dunkerque at Délifrance, a member company of the French plant bakery association FEB.

The focus of the meeting was on the results of the experimental work performed in 2014 and 2015, as well as on the development of the data management and prediction tool. A particular emphasis was on the realization of the user interface, which will be the visible part of the FLOURplus system and the way bakers will interact with it.

In addition, the testing activities to be performed with pilot users and the demonstation sessions to be held within the national associations in 2016 were discussed and scheduled.

The meeting was preceeded by a factory tour which allowed discussing on site the future use of the system. 

Picture 1: Pascaline Mazouni is responsible for bread development on several sites of Délifrance. Her expertise is of great value to the project. She was furthermore a fantastic host for the group in Dunkerque.

Picture 2: Predicting product properties, including consumer perception, is a main goal of FLOURplus. Imke Matullat reports on the running sensory evaluation activities that will enable this feature.

Picture 3: 16 participants from 6 countries, representing the associations, companies and research institutes members for FLOURplus attended the meeting.

Picture 4: Factory visit on November 4th. Discussing the application scenarios of FLOURplus at the production line is essential for developing a user-friendly system.