On May 27th, 2014, a working session was held at the production site of Backhaus Häussler in Memmingen, Germany. The objective for the R&D team was to understand how the company currently deals with quality variations of flour in its daily business.

Herrmann Häußler guided the researchers through his production site, with a special focus on quality assessment, process control and IT systems. The following discussion addressed raw materials and recipes to be considered in the project's trials, as well as possibe application scenarios of the FLOURplus system.

The visit was an important contribution to a common understanding of the SME's needs, and laid the fundation of a tight collaboration throughout the projet's duration and beyond.


Picture 1: From left to right - Andreas Sandkamp (University of Bremen), Linda Ringer, Julien Huen,
Pamela Kruse (ttz Bremerhaven), Herrmann Häußler (Backhaus Häussler).

Picture 2: Dough making is a critical process step that requires daily adaptation depending on flour quality.

Picture 3: Automated forming and proofing of dough pieces for wheat roll production.

Picture 4: The wheat roll or Semmel  accounts for a significant part of the company's tunrover. Customers
expect a constant high quality.

Picture 5: Group photo at the company's entrance.